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wish_u_were_moi's Journal

Well...there really isn't much to say. I'm always happy to see people and hear what they have to say. MY friend was telling me "oh Robin (i call her batman), you should get a live journal" and my other friend was telling me "Oh dannie (closer to my real name) you should make i live journal." I figure it had to be one step up from something like...twitter so i said "what ever" and made one.

so here i am spending my days listening to k-pop, watching dramas and idolizing any hot korean male i see. To pass the time between k-pop binges i write fanfics...all nc-17 with sex and everything. it keeps me from attacking hot boys and becoming a whore so yeah...who am i kidding im like an otaku. It you're here that means you care just a little, so i thank you

and other things, anything scary or romantic, demetri martin, drawing (deviantart), geekiness, hugging people, kissing frogs, my own blackness, paul blart (i know), pesterng younger siblings, rap and r&b, taken, writing (fanfiction)